Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Allergic Reactions

I was doing well on diet until last week, and I sort of got off track some. Nothing major, haven't gained back any weight and I am working to regain strict control.

Amy and I were on a roll with our daily workouts until I backed out on her Friday (just wanted a rest day, stayed up too late Thursday night after my son's football game.... lame excuse).

I got plenty of walking in on a cave adventure Saturday and Sunday Leigh Ann, Amy and myself got 10 miles in our legs so as far as fitness goes I was doing well even with Friday being a rest day this past week.

Then, Sunday happened.
I woke up Sunday with a horrible sore throat. I thought it might just be allergies and maybe I slept with mouth opened or something and maybe the fresh air of our planned run would do me good.  So I met the girls as planned and we got those 10 miles in.  They weren't great lol but they were done.  I didn't have the normal aches and pains with my legs. One foot was going numb but I just didn't have the energy to run that much... I guess it was my body fighting off something.  I got home from the run and soaked in the epsom salt bath.  I showed Thomas a couple of bites on my leg and said something must of ate me up out there.  After the bath I got ready and we went to eat brunch, and then to Walmart and then we caught a movie.  After the movie I noticed my ankle was itching. I raised my pants to scratch it and I had at least 50 "bites" on my foot.  I was like what the heck? I didn't recall getting ants on me but the bites reminded me of ant bites.
I went to Walgreens picked up some calamine lotion and cold medicine because by now the cold has worsened.  I had a miserable night full of itching and sneezing.  The bites spread all the way up my legs to my butt, my back even my arms.  I am like LORD what is it.  I thought about fleas, bed bugs, cooties lol I had no idea what was going on because I couldn't find a single insect to cause these bites.

I didn't get much sleep Sunday so I called in to work Monday and let them know I had to find a doctor to check me out.  I got in to see my doctor at 2 pm (that was the longest day in history itching, waiting on the doctor).  He checked me out, asked me a lot of questions and did a scratch test on my back.... he scratched his initials on my back, and waited a few minutes.  The initials were welted up on my back when he looked back at it..... his diagnosis. HIVES.  Allergic reaction to something. He thinks the sore throat, sneezing cold like symptoms are related to the allergy also.  I don't know what I am allergic to but whatever it is I DON't WANT to be around it again.  Could be new wine I tried Saturday night? Could have been something in the cave from Saturday's adventure? I don't know.  He gave me pill steroids instead of shot (thanks to diabetes lol).... He instructed me that my sugar may go bananas and he  knows I work really hard to keep it in control, so he was giving me an ok for the sugar to go crazy for now and for me not to stress over the numbers.  Low and behold so far the sugar hasn't been as horrible as I thought it would be.  It is now day 3 of this (Tuesday) and I didn't go to work again because last night I was still up with itching and omg my throat feels like someone has sliced it with razor blades (or at least how I would imagine that would feel)  I figured it best to stay home one more day and see if I could rest and get better.... the thought of wearing full work clothes just frightened me lol I still itched so bad.
Monday when going to the MD office.

It is not Tuesday afternoon and the hives look much better... the itching is MUCH better, the cold? Not so much better.  But, I can function with that, I have managed to get some much needed chores done around the house and laundry washing so I know I can manage to sit at my desk tomorrow. :) YAY!!! I am going stir crazy here, and I really really need my PTO for my cruise... I am sort of screwed right now with having to take this leave.

Anyway, I am hoping to return to my normal activities including my daily workouts and such.... this has been a setback, but we all have setbacks, its just how you deal with them that matters. I plan on getting my butt right back to it, I have 10 lbs to love by my cruise and I intend on meeting that goal. :)
This is what the hives look like Tuesday afternoon.... much better!  I have them all over my body but my feet are clustered and easier for you to see, the others are sporadic.

I look like hell here, but I even managed to get one on my damn lip.  I don't think its a fever blister as it doesn't feel like one lol but at this point I don't know it could be or could not be lol I am just so over this!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I posted to Instagram today that I would never be dehydrated. Well I guess on a long run or something it could happen but on a daily basis? NEVER.... I drink constantly!  They say excessive thirst is a sign diabetics have.... and well I have had it for many many years. I will NOT go without drink for long at all. I panic when leaving home if I don't have a bottle water or one of my cups filled.  This is why I love the Yeti style cup..... my drink stays colder longer lol but don't worry I still drink too many.  I have three (THREE) large tumblers (listed above) filled with water daily just while at work.... then I refill for my drive home and then when I get home there is another one or two lol I DRINK ALOT!  The smaller tumbler is for my coffee.  I don't over do that, but I do fill that one up every morning with my Bulletproof style of coffee and drink it most of the morning (along with the water).  Now my urine is clear as clear can be...always is. No straw/yellow color of any type. It looks like I pee water. Sometimes I do feel as if I make myself off drinking TOO much water....and yes I know this is possible but rare.  But I know the feeling when I have had too much lol so I try to back off then.  I am still THIRSTY though despite how much I drink.

This is my fasting this morning. I have crept up a little lately... I think its because I bought a few snacks that when eaten in very small moderation is not bad for me lol but eaten too much and it is... I have been eating the HECK out of blueberries.   I think if I go back to moderation on those I will see my numbers go back closer to 100.

I haven't been doing as many finger sticks lately, because as long as I eat well I know I don't really HAVE to.... But when I try something new and I don't know how my body will react I do still try to check it 2 hours later and see where I stand and I am trying to get my fasting in every day as that is where I am usually the highest of all day.

Not that I look great here lol but  here is a picture of me today. I think I am losing weight some in my face (a little) and as my body/face changes I am trying to have photos along the way.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

Daily workouts 4 weeks now!

Weight has went from 182 to 175 in 4 weeks of eating low carb (and trying to make better choices) and adding in daily workouts.

Workouts consist of 5:30 am start times, doing some apps from my phone.
1. Burpees (up to 32 of these daily)
2. Pushups (up to 72 of these daily), we do them on our knees still and take breaks between sets but we are doing push ups, like we have NEVER done before.  It's progress at its finest.
3. 30 day workout routine ( we started with a beginner level and this does a sort of whole body workout daily)
4. C25K- (We just began doing this program THIS WEEK and we have completed w1d1-3 already! :)
5. Lifting weights- we do arms/back and some leg lift sessions, we really should probably lift more.

I keep saying "we"... who is this WE I am referring to? My neighbor/friend Amy works out with me daily and is helping me stay motivated! :)

I am eating so low carb at times that I think I should have already lost more weight, but then I try to tell myself I didn't gain it over night and I am not going to lose it that way either.  The scales hate me, always have and always will probably lol.  I need to judge by my clothes and how they fit, by my mood and how I feel, by my strength and overall fitness and not worry about those damn numbers on those damn scales lol

Anyway I feel I am winning at the whole demolishing diabetes these days.

Monday, August 8, 2016

$3 Lunch ? WHAT??? YES!!!!!

New found love.  I work attached to a Psychiatric Hospital... Which means they  have a cafeteria.  I just recently found this out, that I can order every day by 9 am and go pick up lunch at 12 pm.  It only cost $3.  This is includes a small dessert (depending on sugar I may or may not eat, but it is very small) and I get unsweet tea or diet coke as well... all for $3.  I can eat lunch all week for $15 dollars.  
I can eat low carb with this very well and cheap!

Also, they have burgers and chicken fingers every day served with fries.  I can always order a bunless burger or something (the options are unlimited really lol).

Sunday, August 7, 2016

First Long run in a LONG time

We conquered our first long run since April!  That is long time to go with barely a run at all.... but today we got out and did 8 miles.  Amy has never ran past a 5k distance so she did AMAZING making it all the way 8 miles. Leigh An seemed to have no trouble what so ever... I mean she may have struggled but I couldn't tell.  Me? Well I sucked! Everything about the running sucked, besides the time was spent with  my friends.  I was slow, in pain and miserable.

This is why I am going to start the C25K program and see if I can't make running happen for me again. GEESH!

I am scheduled for a Half marathon Labor Day and  I am by no means necessary ready for this!!!! Let's see what I can get done in the next few weeks as far as training goes. haha

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Medication coupons

I thought I would share with the world the benefits of registering for a Manufacturer coupon for new medicines.

I current take Farxiga and Onglyza both of which are new meds and very expensive.  A month supply for Onglyza is right at $450 dollars.

My insurance is good, but on Onglyza the co-pay is $35 and $15 for Farxiga.  I feel for those with crappy insurance as before my new job began in May my insurance was pretty horrible with these meds.  Onglyza was running me right at $90 a month.  I.CAN.NOT.AFFORD that.  Sooooo I contacted the manufacturer for a discount and now I pay $0.00 for it each month. Nada,  not even my co-pay.  My new insurance has covered Farxiga so well that I haven't whimpered about the $15 a month copy on it... but guess what?  THEY have a manufacturer coupon also. I filled out for it and next month I will pay $0.00 for it also.

Now keep in mind this only works usually if you have an insurance that pays the majority of your meds and the manufacturer will discount your copay or the difference.

I know lots of us struggle with medications that we really need and if this system wasn't in place or I didn't know about it before I would have done without groceries or something to find the way to pay for it.... so I want to make sure all of you are aware, CHECK for manufacturer coupons/savings on the meds you take!!!

One day I hope to be medication free, but until then I will be super happy to get meds free :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cauliflower dish

I want to give credit where it is due of course.... I found this recipe for Loaded baked Cauliflower  and I ultimately LOVE IT.

I used the onion and chive flavored cream cheese and OMG it was great. I put a little heavy whipping cream in mine too (but I didn't measure out a thing I just through all the ingredients in there and mashed it all up and put it in the pain).  I don't claim to be a great cook or even a cook at all lol I HATE the kitchen, but it is a necessity to eat so I do what I must.

I don't have any fancy photos of my Loaded Baked Cauliflower but it was very pretty and very delicious.  I had it for dinner last night and for lunch today.  It was delicious!!! Very good comfort type food when you really want potatoes try this out. :)

So far so good on the diet/exercise by the way... :) I am not losing weight but I can tell I feel wonderful the sugar is being kept in very good order, damn near normal! WHOA!

I will continue to try share new finds I that I fall in love with so you may enjoy them too, an added bonus on the loaded baked cauliflower recipe... I used FROZEN cauliflower and it worked just fine... its so easy to cook this dish and much much more simple than cutting up and boiling potatoes for a mashed potato style dish. WIN!!!!